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Waiting to see that beautiful smile again

On Tuesday, June 6th, 2012, friends and family of Mika Fleming were devastated to find out that she had been in a terrible car accident while on her way home with a friend. Since that day she has been comatose in the Intensive Care Unit at the Miller’s Children’s hospital. Staff are carefully monitoring her breathing and brain activity and doing everything they can to prevent additional damage and wake up our beloved friend, daughter, sister, and classmate. Seeing her like this has been unimaginable. Friends and family have been gathered here since, visiting and giving their support. On Saturday June 9th Mika will be spending her 16th birthday in a hospital bed. Please do anything you can to make Mika’s stay here as pleasant as it possibly could be. Her room is filled with beautiful flowers and cards and soon to be decorated for her milestone birthday! As word begins to spread about her condition we hope that everyone will do their best to stay positive and understand the unbelievable strength of this girl! Since she has been here she has begun to show signs of improvement and has helped us to keep our hopes high and keep faith that she will be back soon. This blog was created to help support our lovely friend and her amazing family and those closest to her who have basically moved in to the hospital, spending every minute they can with Mika. It is truly inspiring to see how strong and positive they all are. As Mika slowly recovers, her  presence has created a special bond and sense of togetherness among all of us. 

As we await her return and that beaming smile, those outside of her immediate family have wondered what they can do to help. As of right now, her recovery is what is most important. We’d like to do as much as we can to support Mika and her family during this tragedy and have set up a non-profit PayPal account to see how much we can fundraise to help with her upcoming medical bills. We encourage anyone to donate whatever they can and do their best to promote the cause by telling friends and family about this blog. 

Regardless of if you know her or the state of her condition, #PrayforMika until she wins this fight. 

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    You’re such a beautiful & smart girl Mika ! Stay Strong , I’m praying for you
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    Omg.. My birthday is on June 6th.. Also.. I thought it was on a Wednesday.. LOL.. Well.. I feel sad right now.. Her 16th...
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